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Art of Learning

Children use their natural qualities to explore, learn and celebrate the learning.

Adult in the Making

The way you see them is the way you treat them. The way you treat them is the
way you make them.

Genius in the Child

Children are curious by nature. A proper environment is essential to nurture their
curiosity and showcase their excellence.

Montessori in its true sense

Welcome to The Pearls Montessori, where children explore freely, learn enthusiastically, and enjoy and celebrate every bit of their learning.

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” – Maria Montessori

Montessori method of education was founded by Dr Maria Montessori. She firmly believed that children need a free and enjoyable environment for learning. Montessori education is based on the fact that children have a natural development path that they pursue to achieve what they want to. To enable this, an environment is provided with carefully chosen scientific materials. It is aided by well-trained Montessori adults who work along with the children.


A child, during the stay at Pearls “learns the art of learning”. The child is given the independence to think and do, shows enthusiasm to learn from his or her tasks and celebrates the results. A perception toward learning is developed and the child focuses on conceptualizing and understanding everything. Be it arithmetic, language, social sciences, or behavior, the child understands the true sense.

The environment (classroom) in the school is open. It is full of materials and activities associated with them. Each and every material placed in the environment is scientifically designed. Children have an inbuilt curiosity to explore and learn. They are given the freedom to pick the tasks of their choice and work with them.

Exploratory Learning
Open Environment
Cognitive & Creative
Parent Trust Guarantee

Moments Captured

Why Choose Us?

Freedom of Choice

Children choose their own work and explore it. They are guided by the Montessori adults (teachers) rather than being instructed.

Individual and Groups

They learn individually and they apply the learnings in groups.The environment enables self-dependence and group interaction at the same time.


Keeping the items at their place in a proper order, learning to move objects, cleaning the place after work, etc. Inculcation of self-discipline.


Mother Tongue, English & Local Language are the essentials. Children learn to understand, read & write multiple languages.

Qualified Teacher

Experienced montessori adults, who always observe the children, guide them and progress them throughout.

Art of Learning

The child learns how to learn. The focus is on ‘how things work’ and express the same. Learnings for the life time.


Parent Testimonial

  • My daughter Meera going to pearls Montessori from last 2 years we saw lots of changes in her studies , she improved well ... thanks to all the teachers for making so much of efforts thanks to Pearls😊

    Chaitra Giraddi Avatar Chaitra Giraddi
    April 21, 2021

    very good curriculum which enables children to focus on what they want to do unlike regular education system. Appreciate efforts of Veera who is driving this institution. All the very best Veera. I recommend Pearls as starting point for all Children.

    Hari Ganti Avatar Hari Ganti
    September 29, 2016
  • my son vibhav is in pearls from past 3years. he is enjoying each and every day. The teaching method is wonderful we are having great experience with pearls

    D Rekha Avatar D Rekha
    January 14, 2020

    My daughter Advika started going to Pearls Montessori since she was 2 years. She studied there for 4 years. There was never a day where she was not excited to go to School. We are very impressed with the way school, including management and teachers, develop the close bonding with children as well with parents. We are very happy with overall learning of our daughter. School director, Veera Raghavan Sir is always ready to help in parenting as well, at different phases of our daughter. Very cleanly maintained, non teaching staff as well very friendly. All the events conducted are very children centric and enjoyable to children. I sincerely thank management, teachers. I wish the Pearls all the very best and lot of success in developing responsible citizens.

    Praveen Kumar Reddy Purumandla Avatar Praveen Kumar Reddy Purumandla
    June 8, 2018
  • Initially when I was searching for schools for my daughter , I was not aware of Montessori but after visiting Pearl's Montessori I came to know their exact teaching method and found best as compared to other Montessori. The staffs of Pearl's Montessori are so friendly and they make children to get involve themselves so easily and they don't pressure the children to do the works. They also work on children's behaviour. Now I feel relaxed that I found a good one.

    Rekha Prakash Avatar Rekha Prakash
    July 1, 2019

    When my son started attending Pearls Montessori, we, as parents, didn't have much idea about how Montessori system works. But we were soon impressed by the system of learning as well as the amazing team of people at Pearls. Having and elder one who is studying at an ICSE school, I always, consciously or unconsciously, draw parallels between the way both my kids are learning. The major difference is at the ease with which Montessori kids are learning. There is no rush to finish the syllabus, no hurrying about writing and learning. They learn gradually, at their own pace. Now my elder one's (4th grader) constant remark about science topics is "Amma, he knows all these things already". Recently, while my elder one was preparing for spell bee, and 4 year old my son got all excited and wanted us to ask him also words to spell. My husband was amazed at the way he was breaking down each word phonetically and spelling them with ease. A constant comment I always receive from my friends is Montessori kids will lack writing skills. But I find that though he has started writing only now, he is catching up and that too without the torture of regular homework that my elder one had to go through when she was just 3 years. So, I love the way my kid is experiencing, thinking and enjoying the whole learning process and I thank the wonderful team at The Pearls montessori for everything.

    Namitha Menon Avatar Namitha Menon
    November 21, 2017
  • My Son has been going to Pearls for the past 3 years. The methods used here focus on alround development of the children. Initially when I admitted him, people said that there will be problem in writing when he attends a regular school, but my son now writes not only English, but also Hindi. They focus on phonetics, which enables the children to identify sounds, rather than mugging up. Coming to math, he knows the value of numbers, like in a number how many thousands, hundreds, tens and units are there. The way they teach arithmetic is exemplary. Apart from the above, at Pearls, my son has acquired sound English communication and drawing. Children tend towards perfection in all the activities they do. The child is given freedom to do the preferred activity and encouraged to learn new activities. Lot of learning is done through observation.

    Praveen Saraswatula Avatar Praveen Saraswatula
    August 25, 2016

    Satisfied with my son's performance.Nithirav is able to write sentences. He knows Addition, Substraction, multiplication, division quite well. Thanx pearls team.

    Sowmiya Sukin Avatar Sowmiya Sukin
    September 14, 2017
  • Since last one and a half year, my daughter has been going to Pearl's Montessori. Learning is fun over here and I am extremely happy with her progress. It is great to see her understand the numbers, alphabets and form words. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. The activities and the style of teaching keeps her occupied and in that process she is learning new new stuff. Keep it up 👍

    Rajesh Venugopal Avatar Rajesh Venugopal
    January 14, 2020

    I would like to recommend The Pearls from my personal experience as a grandmother and as an ex-teacher. My grandson completed his primary Montessori at The Pearls and it has been an amazing experience having seen him blossom from a toddler to a confident 5 year old. The team at Pearls are very very dedicated and will not compromise on quality, hygiene and safety. Most of the times, they go out of their way to ensure development of each child. The best part is how the children treat this as their second home. I personally felt he had acquired knowledge much beyond textbooks as compared to other schools. Thank you for giving such a strong foundation. Hats off to the team and may you grow more and more.

    Veeju Menon Avatar Veeju Menon
    August 27, 2018
  • Your school has exceeded our expectations. It feels like a second home for my son. Amazing school, the partnership between teachers and parents is excellent. Pearls is a no frills, true Montessori School. If you are looking for a Montessori School, then no doubt it should be Pearls Montessori. Thanks to team Pearls

    Harishini Palraj Avatar Harishini Palraj
    July 14, 2019

    At The Pearls qualified educator follow authentic Montessori approach to empower each child to discover and achieve their unique potential. We love how staff greet children everyday. Learning is child centered and focus on hands on learning. At The Pearls kids are allowed to explore activities and concept at their own pace. Every thing in the class room is within the reach of child to explore. Learning is based on multisensorial ways which is the best for kids overall development. Language is learned in phonological approach. Numeracy concepts are learned by Tactile, visual, auditory way to make the concept strong.Progressively kids are shifted to higher concepts. We know we had made right decision . Our son is in the best supportive and nurturing hands. Everything about The Pearls is beyond incredible and We would recommend it any parents. Thank you team The Pearl for taking such good care of our son and all kids.

    Mamatha Vikas Avatar Mamatha Vikas
    July 1, 2019
  • I can wouch for this school. a well disciplined pure montisseery based school for your kids.

    Mohammed Basheer Avatar Mohammed Basheer
    March 17, 2019

    Its only 4 months my son started going to this school. You can imagine why I would write a review after such a short term, unless I see such a result. PEARLS made a difference in our lives by making my son learn things which a main stream school couldn't do in one year.. I am amazed with the dedication and commitment Veera and his team giving to this school.. my son is treated well there and I see he is becoming a better human being every day.. school environment is very neat and clean.. cleanliness is given at most importance while teaching kids as well.. i I am happy to recommend this school to all parents..

    Reema Rasheed Avatar Reema Rasheed
    August 20, 2018
  • Honestly the game changer the way we thought the education could be. Never knew we can learn stuff with fun and not feel stress. Veera you are redefining the way the education could happen, really appreciate your efforts. We all parents need to understand our children they can do wonders and pearls does it in an excellent way by enabling the children. Had been to the school as a child along with other parents to get a feel of what our child learns, it was a fantastic experience which I couldn't felt all my schooling and college. I am really impressed the way the education is provided at pearls, big thanks to all the staff, please continue to the good work.

    Rajesh Chandrashekar Avatar Rajesh Chandrashekar
    July 17, 2017

    We are very happy with the Pearls team. They consider every childs trait unique and handle it very gently and positively. There is absolutely no pressure on kids and let them development naturally and as and when they ready. We couldn't ask for more. Thank you team !

    Subha Sriram Avatar Subha Sriram
    October 17, 2017
Based on 76 reviews.
One of the best Montessori schools in Bangalore. We are very happy that we came across this school when we were looking out for one. The teachers are very well trained with the Montessori methodologies. The staff is welcoming and always cheerful. The session given to the parents about the teaching methodologies followed was one of its kind. We are very satisfied with the staff and the teaching and also the healthy snacks and breakfast served to the children is one of the main highlights.
Rahul Singhania
Rahul Singhania
We got an opportunity to get a first-hand look into the world of Montessori thanks to Veera Sir and team for conducting workshop for all new parents. We all tend to question ourselves when it comes to any minor decision effecting our little ones and for me & my wife as well the decision to go for Montessori methodology wasn’t easy. Thanks to the workshop we are at ease now. Montessori aims at creating a learning environment and helping a child towards their lifestyle development. I have never been a fan of rote learning and always believed that foundation for a child should be based on introducing them the world and helping them live in that world with grace. The workshop helped me realize how much thought, science and precision is put in each and every tangible item which is present in PEARLS. These training materials are pillars of Montessori teaching and they are strong at PEARLS. Basic Maths itself is so deep and English so unpredictable, but teachers here are so well prepared on these and I was personally not able to find a gap and trust me I really tried to find one in that workshop. Math needs emphasis on concept and English needs diction and PEARLS holds these principles very dear to them. One last thing to add, if someone is looking for unadulterated Montessori teaching methodology, look no further. We are glad that we made this decision to trust with Pearls and their team.
pavithra H S
pavithra H S
Wow it was wonderful experience in The Pearls Montessori. As a parents so many things which we don't we also should learn that and we knowledge and mother care Teacher's and friendly staff and they all good hearted ,loving carrying Teachers.overall it is good School and .parents who admired there children's in this school they have made and took good decision for their children's foundation education. will be strong very knolagable and they can achieve anything and everything in future.
Hima bindhu
Hima bindhu
As a parent we always think to give best to our kids and yes I have also made one, by choosing the best place for my kid to learn. I just love montessori methodology of teaching. After attending the parents workshop I m just impressed by this technique of teaching. They have a high quality materials for teaching kids. Now just by methodologies or materials we cant learn,, there are wonderful teachers in this school who know the montessori methods and they are very approachable. I would like to thank all the teachers, Veera sir, Tara mam, Sudha mam, Divya mam, Saharanya Mam, Anitha mam. Wonderful staff. And yes if anyone is looking for a school for your kids then definitely the pearls montessori is a right choice I would say.
saurabh karn
saurabh karn
The USP of the Pearl house lies in the strategy to teach the children without letting them know that they are being taught thereby avoiding any sort of pressure on the children of "formal study". The techniques and materials used in the house are incredible.
Shinu Susan Sanu
Shinu Susan Sanu
It's been a month my daughter attending the class, she love to go to Montessori. Management given us an opportunity to see what our kids are doing at school, which helped us to know better.
I think usually parents are always curious and anxious about the school where their child is being taught, and i am happy that i am relieved now after attending a workshop at Pearls Montessori. An amazing experience, I was given a complete walk through of how things are done here. I am relieved because my child here "learns how to learn".
Pavithra Venkatesh
Pavithra Venkatesh
PEARLS the ( REAL) MONTESSORI has an environment which every child Desires and Deserves. It's a great platform for the development of the child. They have the BEST staff who encourages children. My son is part of Pearls since last year where he attended online classes, which doubted me how much he could learn through it, but I was amazed by the improvement of my son. Each child was given personal attention. They didn't go to the next topic unless every child is clear with the present. We are very happy in our child's development and confidence. He is attending offline classes now and he enjoys going to school and learn stuffs practically. Thanks to the staff, for each and every one and Veera Sir for their enthusiasm and patiences. ----- Pavithra Guruprasad P/o- Aayush
Praveen S
Praveen S
Each child has his or her own learning cycle. At Pearls they acknowledge this. They implement the real Montessori method. It's not a class room, but an environment, where children learn through handon experiences rather than instruction methods.
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