About Us

Welcome to The Pearls Montessori, nestled right in the heart of the city of South Bengaluru, tucked away in a safe residential layout in Gottigere, where children explore freely, learn enthusiastically, enjoy and celebrate every bit of their learning. We are an authentic Montessori house of children that follows the Montessori methodology in its purest form for early learning by engaging children with hands-on activities to learn different concepts and life skills.

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”Maria Montessori


Montessori method of education was founded by Dr Maria Montessori. She firmly believed that children need a free and enjoyable environment for learning. Montessori education is based on the fact that children have a natural development path that they pursue to achieve what they want to. To enable this, an environment is provided with carefully chosen scientific materials, which may seem as learning through play for any onlooker but it is not mindless play in its actual form. Rather these materials have a pre-defined intrinsic scientific purpose that is developmental and age appropriate to the child for his or her mental, cognitive, social, physical and sensorial development.

Unlike a typical kindergarten, a child in a Montessori does not conform to a play based learning, rather the Montessori classrooms (environments) allow for a natural and organic way of learning and growing, which happens at not only the academic level but this kind of learning enables them build thier foundation to learn the art of learning for life. Early learning happens from the time a child is a baby to toddlerhood to the primary years of 6 plus years. That is why it is crucial for parents to understand the importance of early learning years and find a school that is not just a playschool or a kindergarten.

In a Montessori environment, we do not have the typical teacher -child relationship which is a one way directed form of learning. We hae well trained Montessori adults who actively work with children as their aids and not as their instructors. We follow a child-led form of learning and the role of the adults is to guide them. That is why we have a one-to-one approach where in each child gets to bloom at their own time and pace.

From the founder’s desk

“Having been in the Education field for over 30+ years that includes vast experience in training young adults, experienced working professionals to retired professionals across various domains, I realised that children are born with their intrinsic way of acquiring and absorbing knowledge.

Children learn best when we understand their likes and dislikes. They thrive when they are taught how to think and not what to think.

My guru, Mrs Meenakshi Sivaramakirshnan, co-founded The Pearls Montessori with me. She provided great support and assistance in setting up one of the authentic Montessori schools. Ever since there was no turning back.

We have great feedback and support from the children of the parents who graduated from Pearls. We endeavour to get even stronger year after year. We strive to provide the best experiential learning to children that brings out the genius in them.

I am enthused by the parents of the 21st century looking to provide an effective and enjoyable learning experience that takes into account the overall development of a child, rather than putting them to a standard program with a set syllabus.

The Pearls’ motto is to provide a free and encouraging environment where the exploratory work of children is the basic norm. This enables them to come up with realizations and understandings which are uncommon in other schools or institutions.

Today, we are proud to confidently call ourselves an authentic Montessori serving our children for the last decade. We wish you an enjoyable experience with Pearls.” – Veeraraghavan

Experienced Montessori Adults

Well-trained Montessori adults work with the children by observing and guiding them.